Our mission

  • The well-being of our customers is our priority. Muscular pains are the new evils of our century that we want to decrease.
  • We strive to give the best of ourselves and from followed trainings, by personalizing the sessions to each of our clients.
  • So we provide massages and pedicures.

About me

You can speak to me in French, English and Thai. I graduated from medical pedicure and new technologies at the EICB and I am certified in Thailand for more than 600h of training for different types of massage:

  • Thai massage (150h)
  • Thai massage, advanced treatments (372h)
  • Aromatherapy (60h)
  • Facial and body treatments (60h)
  • Gha Sha (30h)
  • Thai physiotherapy techniques (24h)

All my services are massages of relaxation, leisure and well-being. I pledge to never pretend to cure or heal, never to establish any diagnosis, not to substitute, nor to interfere with any medical act. I commit myself to respect the modesty, intimacy and life privacy of the customer and meet hygiene essential and indispensable rules of the profession.

Behavior and respect

The services and rates are clearly explained on the site. Any other services than those offered will not be accepted. In addition, the rates are not negotiable.

In case of disrespectful and vulgar behavior towards the practitioner, you will be asked to leave directly the center without refund. Anyone making degrading or humiliating proposals will be permanently excluded.

No misunderstanding: The traditional practice of Thai massage delivered to our office is provided by a qualified professional practitioner and should not be confused with other erotic services. If one of our customers behaved badly, he would be politely dismissed. Thank you for your understanding.
The durations announced represent the real time of massage; plan 5-10 extra minutes for your visit. We regret to announce that late arrivals will reduce the processing time, to not punish the next person. For any cancellation, please notify at least 24 hours in advance.

The proposed massages are aimed at relaxation and well-being, so they do not replace conventional medicine. I am at your disposal if you want a stronger or lighter massage, or change intensity at any time.

For your well-being and by respect, I ask you to turn off your mobile phone.

What happens during a session?

My personalized services begin with an interview to target your expectations.

The Thai massage is done on a table, the masseur is dressed in loose and comfortable clothing. The masseur uses the palm of her hands, fingers, knees, feet and elbows to apply pressure on energy lines as well as joint mobilization and stretching. They soften the muscles and joints, release the body of stiffness, help to eliminate stress and toxins. The body finds back wellness and natural fluidity.

Each appointment is sufficiently spaced to allow you to enjoy your time. You will also be offered a drink that you can enjoy after your treatment.


To report
  • Problems of Varice
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac or respiratory disorders
  • Eczema
  • Operations
  • Pregnancy
  • Current diseases
If you have any allergy (e.g.: oil) or any problem, ask first the point of view of your doctor and report it before starting the session.
Forbidden to practice
Services, in particular those involving the use of hot oil, are not recommended for :
  • On open wounds, infections, inflammations
  • During the first 6 weeks of a fracture
  • During the first 5 months of pregnancy
  • In case of cancer, osteoporosis
  • In case of skin disease, viral or bacterial infection or severe bone weakness

Useful information

Please Note: The traditional therapeutic practice of Thai Massage that is at our clinic is carried out by a professionally qualified practitioner and is not to be confused with the any other service of a sexual nature.

Don't forget to use your blue parking disk! The city has also decided to limit the speed at 30km/h in this downtown.

Opening time

Monday - Thursday : 9h - 19h


Soignies (Zinnik), Rue de steenkerque 2A, building B, box 34

+32499302199 (By appointment)

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